2022 Prize Recipient

Kyle Troyer (MArch'23)

The Kanter Tritsch Prize in Energy and Architectural Innovation

Kyle Troyer is an aspiring architect from Berlin, Ohio, that finds his work embedded in challenging conventional understandings of aesthetics through drawing, imagery, and physical models. Holding a strong affinity to craftsmanship and handicraft, many of the projects that have been completed during his time at Penn question materiality, form, and tectonic systems as a method of pushing architecture into a lesser-known domain. He received his Bachelor of Science of Architecture from the Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design and is currently pursuing his Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design.


While continually growing as a student and designer at his time at Penn, he has collaborated with Overlay Office, FORMA, and Endemic Architecture while holding teaching assistant positions within the program. Here, he has received the following recognition for his academic and extracurricular work: the Kanter Tritsch Prize in Energy and Architecture Innovation, the Mario J. Romanach Fellowship, the First Prize E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship, the Schenk-Woodman Merit Scholarship, a third-place award at the 2021 HOK Futures Design Challenge, and a first-place award at the 2022 HOK Futures Design Challenge.

A young man talking to the camera
  • A study of humble material systems
  • Exploring two-dimensional landscape
  • Exploring two-dimensional landscape
  • The hybridization of artifacts and typological contexts
  • Leveraging hyper-dense living conditions and public common spaces to support media literacy
  • Implementing analog material explorations into a finer tectonic system
  • Casting analog materials to shape volume and space
  • Forms and forces
  • Exercising contemporary understandings of Rocaille through virtual reality
  • Rethinking the mixed-use typology for the contemporary marketplace