2022 Prize Recipient

Jasmine Siyu Wu (MCP'23)

The Witte-Sakamoto Family Prize in City and Regional Planning

Jasmine Siyu Wu is a candidate in the Master in City Planning program at the University of Pennsylvania, concentrating on Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. When completing a B.S. in GeoDesign at the University of Southern California, she researched population, health, and place. Exposed to more conflicts between the built environment and public health along with the research, she built new interests in urban informatics, spatial data sciences, environmental justice, and transportation planning. She previously worked as a professional student worker at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to process and analyze transportation collision data for improving street safety in the City of Los Angeles. Since September 2021, she has worked with Professor Megan Ryerson at Penn, contributing to the accessibility and equity research on teen driving education. Aiming for a career in academia, she is dedicated to building an active, safe, efficient, and just transportation system by taking advantage of scientific and technological development in other fields.

A young woman walking outside
  • Spatial distribution analysis of driving learning centers in Columbus MSA, Ohio. K functions find that these driving learning centers exhibit a clustering pattern. Disclaimer: this project is a part of a graduate course.
  • Modeling teen drivers’ early licensing and access to driving education. Multilevel logistic regression finds that economic status explains teens’ propensity to take driving education and secure early licensure more than the distance to driving education centers does. Disclaimer: This project is a part of a graduate course.